Isabel Seiffert
Büro für Graphik

Geroldstrasse 31/33
CH–8005 Zürich

The studio works within the fields of printed matter and the digital world with a strong focus on editorial design and typography.

Next to commissions and collaborations the studio's self-initiated projects often aim at engaging in research and investigating critical issues.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch for commissions or collaboration
  • Awards and Nominations

    • 100 beste Plakate 14
    • Type Directors Club New York 61 in Communication Design with «Typographic Excellence»
    • German Design Award Nominee 2017
    • International Graphic Design Festival Scotland, shortlisted
    • German Design Award Newcomer Nominee 2015
    • Open Output awarded with distinction 2014
  • Selected Press

  • Exhibtions

    • Not the End of Print, Book Release, Projektraum LOTTE, Stuttgart
    • Netzpolitik Daily, Projektraum LOTTE, Stuttgart
    • En Massse, or sameness, Skylab Gallery Columbus, Ohio
  • Teaching and Lectures

    • Workshop «Zinetific» Merz Akademie, Stuttgart
    • «Leipzig liest», Leipzig Bookfair, 2015
    • Lecture at Paperness, Stuttgart
  • Links

Depot Basel

Program for Depot Basel, a place for contemporary design.


8 Films and a handful of questions

Artist book about danish video artist Ulrik Heltoft.

The main concept for this publication is to make the reader experience Ulrik’s videos by looking through the book.
Every element and decision in this publication is based on the artist’s work—from the choice of the typeface to removing page numbers and captions with the actual time codes of the frames. The use of black and silver as the only colors, refers to Ulrik’s color grading of the videos and the silver nose he wears in the role of Tycho Brahe in his most recent film.

The 272 pages, dutch bound publication with it’s screen printed sleeve comes with a black flexi disc which carries an edited soundtrack of one of the videos.

Published by Revolver Publishing and Space Poetry

Concept: Ulrik Heltoft with Claus Due
Graphic design: Claus Due, Designbolaget with Isabel Seiffert


Eigenlogik des Designs

A book about a research project on the intrinsic logic of design.

Edited by Gerhard M. Buurman and Marc Rölli,
Department Design, Zurich University of the Arts

Published by Niggli
in English and German


The Great Moon (Hoax)

On Tuesday, 25 August 1835, New York newsboys wear shouting out a sensational headline for everyone to hear: “Life discovered on the moon! Forests, lakes, animals and even men-like creatures observed by British scientists!”

It was the day when tabloid newspaper The New York Sun began publishing a fictional account of lunar discoveries supposedly made by Sir John Herschel. The narrative, which continued over six days, listed a series of amazing astronomical breakthroughs and revealed one stunning achievement in detail: The discovery of life on the moon. Because nobody could proof the opposite in 1835, the articles caused enormous excitement throughout New York and were republished in the whole U.S. and even in Europe.

Since for the first time in history a media story reached and fascinated such a wide audience at the same time, the moon hoax is considered to be the first mass media event — and the first truly sensational demonstration of the power of mass media to create a truth in its own right.

It’s the first publication edited, designed and released by Offshore Press, a collaborative endeavor by Christoph Miler and Isabel Seiffert.

Two posters announce the title and the birth of Offshore Press (screen printed in silver and black).

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Instruction flyer for a workshop about fanzines and science.


District Five Quartet

A series of four flyers illustrating the four instruments of the Quartet and informing about upcoming concerts.


Not the End of Print

Referring to the key features of the book «Not the End of Print», a rectangular shape, bold typography and the two main colours, form the base for the design. To mirror the gilt edges of the book, the poster was printed on the golden side of a rescue blanket.


Governance. Democracy. Delete.

The publication «Governance. Democracy. Delete.» is a 600-page pre-Snowden attempt to capture, structure and contextualize the political, economical and social dimensions of the debate on the future of the internet using Twitter one-liners and their linked material. The book, as part of the open source movement, is set exclusively with open source fonts and intended to appear as a monthly print-on-demand edition.

«The jury was impressed by this massive-looking book. The charming but bold and straightforward typography adds up nicely to the crucial topic. The analysis of a collection upgrades the weight of tweet to a threatening-looking history book. The power of design!» —Hansje van Halem

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Mr. Merz

Logotype, business and care card for a young textile company based in Los Angeles.


Waranga Bar

Waranga Bar changes its visual appearance with the season. The drinks and food menu received a fresh look with a change in typography and visual language. The images were shot in a swiss mountain area.

Printed in CMYK + Silver


Waranga 2015

The new year’s invitation uses iridescent foil stamping on cardboard.


Waranga Club Menu

Concept and redesign of the drinks menu for Waranga Club in Stuttgart.
(The logo was pre-existing)


Büro für Graphik

Flyer to announce the new address of the atelier. Two-colour Risograph print.